A Proven Process

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A proven process for pump project perfection

Experience and knowledge can often be short-hand for a business that is backward rather than forward looking, a business stuck in its ways and delivering mediocre solutions. Not so with Advantage Pumping Solutions.

As true pump experts, we have our finger firmly on the pulse of technological and engineering advances and are up-to-date on all the commercial and industrial pump solution options. Our independence from any component manufacturer means we can build the best pump solution and not just the best we can do with the components we are tied to.

The best solution will be one that is fit-for-purpose, reliable and environmentally sustainable which means will it will be energy efficient and low maintenance. The obvious consequence is an effective pumping solution that represents excellent value for money over the life of the system.

It’s estimated that the initial cost of the pump is only 5% of the whole lifetime costs of running, maintaining and operating a pump system. Therefore, it is crucial that reliability, energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and other factors that affect the lifetime cost of operation are part of the equation.

Making the right system and component choices can only be achieved when we’ve been through a rigorous assessment of the challenge. Our process is simple and logical, and our ISO 9001 accreditation (which recognises a consistently high standard of processes and a commitment to quality) provides you with the comfort of knowing this simple process is executed diligently and intelligently, every time.

Consultation and discovery

Understanding the pump challenge is crucial to delivering the right solution. Variables such as the liquid being pumped and its properties, flow rates, pressures as well as pipework and system requirements will all have an influence on your pump solution. We also discuss your client’s maintenance expectations and servicing capabilities to design the right system. Of course, we’ll do a free on-site survey whenever this is required.

Solution recommendations

There is always an optimum pump solution; one that will deliver the most cost-effective solution over the long-term. The solution that best delivers in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and maintenance and not just the cheapest initial investment. We’ll layout the options and reasons why we recommend a system so you can make an informed decision.


Once you have made your informed choice on your pumping solution we will create a detailed specification for you to utilise as your pump project advances, or for you to sign off prior to the system being built.

Build and test

We then manufacture your pump system in-house using our experienced engineers. Nothing leaves our business until it has been through our rigorous checking and testing procedures – that’s the assurance that continuous ISO 9001 auditing and compliance gives you.

Installation (if required)

Once we are confident that we have done all we can in the factory, we’ll deliver and install the system as agreed. If there are any problems or snags our team are able and committed to help solve those for you. Once we are on-site our aim is to minimise disruption by installing the system with the minimum of fuss.


We don’t consider that our work is done until the pump system has been through a rigorous commissioning procedure on-site. If there is any doubt in the minds of our team we’ll once again focus on satisfying ourselves that all is well and correct before signing the project off.


Every pump project we work on is supported by our total satisfaction guarantee. Advantage Pumping Solutions provide you with the reassurance that our solutions are fit for purpose and our workmanship is the highest quality. We guarantee it.


Our teams are also on-hand to regularly maintain and service your system. If anything should go wrong, our skilled engineers will get to you as quickly as possible to resolve the issue, effect repairs and have you back up and running as soon as possible.

By following this documented process, we can be confident that what we specify will be fit-for-purpose and the most appropriate long-term solution. To discuss your application please call us or send your information via our Contact Form.